Saturday, July 9, 2011

Get your phil of love

By Gustav Doré
The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy's entry on the philosophy of love

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy's entry on phil of love

 'Love, the Pope and C. S. Lewis' by Avery Cardinal Dulles

A brief note on Anders Nygren's book from the 1930's, Eros and Agape

Robert Merrihew Adams on 'pure love'

MIT's open course site for Irving Singer's course on the phil of love, and here's a playlist of Singer's lectures

Philosophy Bites' podcast on love in Plato's Symposium (Jowett's translation of the Symposium)

Two papers on love, one on love in Plato and the other relating love to Epicurus

ADDED (July 11) via Omnivore: 'Plato, Romance, and Self-Inquiry' by John Bardi

Syllabus for a neat-looking Notre Dame course on love 'built around Plato's Symposium, Shakespeare, Catholic writings, and several movies'. There are videos of the lectures, which I can't play -- but they're also on iTunes

Eric Ormsby on the 'Erotic Inferno' -- a review of A. N. Wilson's Dante in Love

Last January's issue of Essays in Philosophy was devoted to the phil of love (8 articles)

A summary of Kierkegaard's Works of Love

From 2001, Melvyn Bragg talks to Roger Scruton, Angie Hobbs, and Thomas Docherty about the phil of love

From 2007, Alan Saunders talks to Linnell Secomb about 'philosophical love stories', with references to Nietzsche, Frankenstein, and de Beauvoir

Nichi Hodgson reviews books on love by Simon May and Lisa Appignanesi 

Philosophy Bites interviews May on love

From Nicholas Lezard's review of Gillian Rose's Love's Work: '"Love" and "life" are for Rose almost interchangeable words; we read the phrase "life affair" more than once.'

Freud's love letters to his future wife

Alain de Botton surveys Schopenhauer on love:

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