Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Shards (revised Dec. 17)

Jean Rhys

Donald Westlake as Richard Stark wrote of the abyssal Parker

Vegas cop doubles as a poet

Hitchens on Stieg Larsson (ht Arts & Letters Daily via 3:AM)

Hidden sensory system in human skin

A review of a Dostoevsky biography

Le Clézio's intro existentialism reading list (ht Piece of Monologue)

Yale's Modernism Lab (ht Twitchelmore via 3:AM)

Intriguing piece on William Gass by Nick Ripatrazone at Quarterly Conversation

Michael Gazzaniga's Gifford Lectures

Mavis Gallant's stories reviewed

SCTV's version of Jane Eyre (on YouTube) (ht Mr. Waggish)

On Lispector's Hour of the Star and a review of Benjamin Moser's Lispector biography

Who controls African literature?

Terrifying fairy-tales -- speaking of which, a very concise Grimm's tale

Oh, poor Judy Garland

Blossom Dearie singing 'The Surrey With the Fringe on Top':

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Tom Cunliffe said...

Some fascinating stuff there - most of it not a little above my head though!

Thanks for visiting my blog - I'm apologising to everyone for not having returned comments recently - my new year resolution is to participate more in the fascinating community of book bloggers.