Tuesday, November 18, 2014

November philosophy links

Marilynne Robinson on 'Jonathan Edwards in a New Light: Remembered for Preaching Fire and Brimstone, He Was Actually One of the Great Intellectuals of His Era'.

'The Jewish Exiles Return to Germany -- Jürgen Habermas recalls philosophers and sociologists of Jewish background as returnees in the early Federal Republic Of Germany'.

Philip Bricker's new SEP entry on ontological commitment.

'John Stewart Bell: the nature of reality'. Bell's bio.
Debunking pop-science bogosity about Aristotle.

Interesting issue of Historical Reflections (on religion and the French Enlightenment).

At Philosopher's Zone, John Sellars and Kerry Sanders on the 'Return of the Stoics'.

'Remembering Derrida: A Forum by Peggy Kamuf, Gil Anidjar, Elisabeth Weber, Michael Marder and Luce Irigaray'.
The Dictionary of Untranslatables assumes the task of providing a comprehensive discussion of words significant in European philosophy whose "translation, into one language or another, creates a problem" (in the words of Barbara Cassin, its editor). In this it is astonishingly successful: comprehensive entries on hundreds of words, running to 1400 dense pages in the English edition, incorporating the work of 150 scholars in the original French and dozens more in the English translation.
'The most troublesome case is that of the expression “the priority of the right over the good,” which is untranslatable into French, and not solely because French lacks an equivalent for “right,” but also because of English’s lack of rigor.' (Translation by Jacques Lezra)

Added (Nov. 18): From the Partially Examined Life, 'Kant: What is Beauty?'

'Grace Notes: Eriugena and the Predestination Controversy'.

Siris has just posted a list of links: 'Links of Note, Noted'. [end of Nov. 18 addition]

Stellar performance of 'School Days' on YouTube (not a good video though).

Emmylou singing a Neil Young tune:

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