Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Philosopher's Zone is back and other philosophy news

'School of Athens' by Raphael. Epicurus is on our left.

After Alan Saunders' death, the Australian radio show about philosophy, Philosopher's Zone, was on a hiatus. It is back, now hosted by Joe Gelonesi. In  the first new broadcast, Professor Bonnie Honig discusses democracy and public space.

On Melvyn Bragg's BBC show, In Our Time, Bragg discusses Epicurus with Angie Hobbs, David Sedley, and James Warren.

At the Guardian, Peter Thompson of the University of Sheffield has a five-part series on the Frankfurt School. Here they are: one, two, three, four and five.

On YouTube, the presentations from the 2012 Sellars Centenary Conference.

A 'journeyman Barthio-Lutheran theologian' tries his hand at translating the first part of Wittgenstein's Tractatus.

On seeing Beckett in terms of analytic philosophy and 'Beckett the Nietzschean hedonist'.

Several posts on Kierkegaard by Barry Stocker.

From Truth Tableaux, 'On Fernando Pessoa’s Philosophical Essays'

On MOOCs, and more. On a 'we've-been-here-before' note, there's this.

Advice sought concerning what logic textbooks to use for a course on symbolic logic.

Help sought in listing novels about philosophers philosophical theories.

I love this couple's YouTube clips. They're from a 60's German TV show, in which Cherry Wainer and Don Storer played during the intermissions. In some clips you can see Cherry working the Hammond organ peddles with her white go-go boots. In others you can see German existentialist dancing. In most clips, you catch a glimpse of the lethargic little dog that sat next to Cherry. One of my favourite clips is this one, but I've opted to include this next clip chiefly because it shows Don in some of his best spontaneous vocal and facial expressions. (Update, Aug. 2, 2013): Dammit! Most of their videos have been pulled. This is the only one still on YouTube.

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