Friday, April 12, 2013

Fiddling with the whatchamacallits

There's been much fiddling of late with the thing-a-ma-jigs and doo-hickeys in the right margin. I added a blog feed for history and a new link list for on-line philosophy texts. I'm sure there are many more sites with on-line texts out there -- please let me know of any good sites that I've missed.

In a fit of Canucky patriotism, I added a link list for informative sites about Canada, esp. for Canadian literature. In that connection, I was shocked to learn from the Canadian poetry site at the University of Toronto that Canadian poetry is over -- done, kaput. To quote the site, 'Until further notice, Canadian Poetry is not accepting new poets.' Yes, the great tradition of Sir Charles 'God Damn' is now closed -- and with nary a word of protest in the House of Commons.

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