Monday, December 31, 2012

11 philosophy, literature, & music links

T. E. Hulme
Roger Kimball on T. E. Hulme: 'Hulme was more subtle, and perhaps more effective, in his attacks on the pacifism of Bertrand Russell and the Bloomsbury art critic Clive Bell in “War Notes,” the miscellaneous commentaries he wrote while convalescing in 1915–16.'

Christopher J. Voparil's 'Rorty and the democratic power of the novel ... On Richard Rorty's definition of the novel as "characteristic genre of democracy"'

From Scientific American, 'Borges and Memory'

Mark Thwaite on Karl Knausgaard and the unheimlich (according to which Adam Phillips omits Freud's essay on the uncanny from an updated version of a Penguin Freud anthology)

From last November, Stoic week at the Guardian: 'An interdisciplinary team of psychotherapists, philosophers and classicists are working together to find out the uses of stoicism for the modern day'.

Karen Zumhagen-Yekplé's 'The Everyday's Fabulous Beyond: Nonsense, Parable, and the Ethics of the Literary in Kafka and Wittgenstein'
2013 German Book Splurge (new English translations of German books)

'Minor Soseki work gets first English translation' Nowaki, by Natsume Soseki

A series of posts on classic CanLit books (mostly before Atwood and Munro)

Here's a nice collection of 'Lit Rock' on the Portable Homeland blog (videos inc.).

If you like retro photos (with a focus on the UK), check out the Library Time Machine.

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