Monday, December 6, 2010

Common Sense & Uncommon Sensibility

Gilbert Ryle, whose 'ordinary language' philosophy championed common sense (and whose physician brother invented the Ryle Tube). Peter Smith of Logic Matters has posted Ryle's paper on Jane Austen, 'Jane Austen and the Moralists'

Chris Power on Bruno Schulz's short stories, and John Self on Schulz's Street of Crocodiles

Mr. Waggish on Thomas Bernhard's nihilistic ranting evasions 

Philip Lopate on a new collection of Bernhard's addresses, My Prizes: An Accounting: "No one could be less accepting of the human condition, and so [Bernhard] tells the awards audiences that they are in for a future of endless cold, that life is meaningless and that Austrians are apathetic, megalomaniac, monotonous. Strangely, these speeches did not go over well."

E. M. Cioran 'belongs to the tradition of French and especially German aphorists, like Lichtenberg, Novalis, and finally Nietzsche.' According to the linked article (in The Hindu), Cioran regarded Meister Eckhart as the 'profoundest thinker of the Occident.'

Sean Kelly on 'navigating past nihilism'

A new biography of Romain Gary

Charles Taylor on 'The Meaning of Secularism'

From 2005, 'Schiller's relevance for us and for all times'

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