Monday, June 7, 2010

New philosophy links

Hannah Arendt

On Philosophy Talk, Seyla Benhabib discusses Hannah Arendt. Here's a conference from last April called 'Reading Hannah Arendt for the 21st Century', with contributions by Elisabeth Young-Bruehl, Richard Bernstein & Susannah Gottlieb. If you can't get the audio at that last link, try this one. (h/t Omnivore)

Alexander Kissler on Heidegger's 'notorious seminar'

Boyd Tonkin looks at new books by Eagleton and Scruton

Martha Nussbaum on C-Span, and Nussbaum on Mill and the reasons for a liberal arts education

A. N. Wilson on Cornwell's new book about Newman

Andrew Pessin on balancing conviction and intellectual modesty. Siris elucidates Pessin's point, with reference to the Preface paradox. The paradox itself is nicely elucidated by DEQ in the comments thread for this B&W post

Du Plessix Gray on the new translation of de Beauvoir's Second Sex

A tribute to Sartre & Camus, 'philosophic duellists'

Michael Sandel's TED talk on the lost art of democratic debate

G. A. Cohen, 'the thinking man's Marxist' (h/t Evolving Thoughts)

Iris Murdoch's correspondence

Mathew Iredale on Lévy-Strauss

Jeremy Waldron's Holmes Lectures on hate-speech laws

Melvyn Bragg interviews Grayling, Bate & Natarajan about Hazlitt

Bragg's podcast on Burke

A new book on Spinoza and 'the hidden Enlightenment'

Are we close to explaining consciousness? (inc. a video of David Chalmers)

David Sloan Wilson interviewed

'Darwinists and Divinity' -- a review of Michael Ruse's latest book

Obituaries for Richard Gregory in the Times of London, the Guardian, the Scotsman, the Herald and the Telegraph. Here's more in the Guardian, by Sue Blackmore

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