Sunday, November 29, 2009

Canadian New Wave Music Videos (all 80's)

At Retrospace there's a great list of 150 new wave fav's. Some good Canadian groups didn't make the list, perhaps due to lack of exposure south of the border. So, I thought I'd start my own small list here.

In this list, the first links on each line are to band histories while the links to particular songs (after colons) are to YouTube videos.

Strange Advance: We Run and Worlds Away;

The Spoons: Nova Heart and Romantic Traffic (with Toronto subway footage, inc. the old red trains);

The Extras: Can't Stand Still (nice song and one of the best animated videos I've seen);

Platinum Blonde (part British): Doesn't Really Matter and Standing in the Dark;

Men Without Hats: Pop Goes the World and Safety Dance;

Blue Peter: Don't Walk on Past (Warning: ankle injuries have been sustained by people trying to imitate the dance moves that start at 3:01);

The Box: Must I Always Remember?

Chalk Circle: April Fool;

Images in Vogue: Lust for Love; and

Saga -- I'm not sure that they were New Wave but I love this band and they do work the synthesizers. They were bigger in Germany than at home. Among their best tunes were:

Don't be Late (German concert version), On the Loose and Wind Him Up.

Update (Dec. 6, 2009): NPR has a list of 50 favourite New Wave tunes.

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