Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bits & pieces

Lawrence Welk introduced us to many wunnerful tunes, including this stirring rendition of 'One toke over the line' by Gail & Dale (that's Dick Dale), originally by Brewer and Shipley. (I missed this when it was linked on Boing Boing in '08.)

Loads o' book lists.

I like digging up neglected, good books, and two more lists of them have appeared.

"Anyway. What? Yes. Anyway. One study says that e-mail is more corrosive to your I.Q. than pot."

Vanished Persian army found.

That von Hofmannsthal was oh! so precious.

Video of London in 1927. (ht Crooked Timber)

In preparation for Remembrance Day, explore WWI poetry. (ht Books, Inq.)

Update (Nov. 10): A paper charging Bernard Malamud with plagiarism. (ht Legal Theory Blog)

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