Sunday, September 21, 2008

Best of e-reader posts

I'm collecting here some of the more interesting items I've found about the continuing evolution of e-readers:

Sony opens its e-reader to 'outside' publishers (allowing for a greater selection of books on its device).

Good critical feedback on Sony Reader.

Prototype of a more flexible reader (Plastic Logic's more flexible device has an 8.5 X 11 display, which allows for a pop-up, touch-sensitive keyboard; and since it loads Office documents easily, it might take over some of the functions of a laptop -- and it will still work after you beat it with a shoe).

Dual-display prototype from Berkeley and Maryland researchers (you can hold it like a book, seeing two pages at once, and the pages can be from different documents; or you can fold it to see just one page at a time).

Update (Sept. 6): New versions of the Sony and Kindle readers will soon hit the market.


Anonymous said...

They're definitely coming! I can't arouse much interest in buying one at the moment but suppose its an inevitable acquisition in times to come. Thanks for the links - very interesting.

praymont said...

Yes, Tom, they'll eventually get it right. But I still read mainly my real books instead of novels on an e-reader. That's largely due to the poor selection of books in e-reader format. It looks like the e-reader companies are increasingly going after the post-secondary textbook market -- hook 'em while they're young, I guess.

Claire Cameron said...

Thank you for collecting these articles. I haven't bought one yet, but I am circling with interest.