Sunday, December 2, 2007

Me here and there on web

My academic website includes my publications and conference papers.
I have a list of neat philosophical quotations, as well as a minimal YouTube location (which consists mostly of my favourite music videos).

I have a catalogue of my books online along with some reviews. I have additionally posted at Chapters/Indigo some reflections on books that I've read (generally not the philosophy books). Also, I'm on Amazon, Tumblr and LiveJournal.

My doctoral dissertation is accessible via the National Library of Canada's site. A couple of on-line articles that I co-authored with Andrew Brook are available here and there.

Here's a comment of mine on how to interpret Gilbert Ryle (at B. Weatherson's blog, Thought Arguments and Rants), as well as a comment on causal overdetermination at the same blog.

Finally, here's me speaking up for Jaspers and Dilthey at Brian Leiter's blog (Leiter Reports).